Al momento stai visualizzando Cardioprotected Casabona”: SIMEUP Crotone promotes cardiac safety in the Crotone municipality

The SIMEUP Crotone Training Center, last May 11th, held a crucial course in the Municipality of Casabona, marking a moment of fundamental importance for the local community. The course, focused on Basic Life Support Defibrillation (BLSD) and Pediatric Basic Life Support (PBLS) techniques, involved around thirty citizens eager to learn the skills necessary to deal with cardiac emergency situations. 

The commitment to safety demonstrated by Casabona not only has a positive impact on the lives of its residents, but also has the potential to positively influence the entire province of Crotone. The “Casabona Cardioprotetta” project, with its focus on training, access to rescue tools and collaboration between institutions and communities, represents a model to follow for other municipalities wishing to increase their resilience and preparedness in the event of cardiac emergencies . 

Highly qualified national instructors from SIMEUP participated in the event, including Dr. Anna Maria Sulla, Daniele Ermanno, Ilenia Dell’Amico, Gaetano Nicoletta and Roberto D’Aguì. Thanks to their expert guidance, the participants were able to delve deeper into both the theoretical and practical aspects of rescue procedures in the event of cardiac arrest. 

The initiative was conceived and supported by Dr. Teresina Mastroianni and Dr. Luigi Palmieri, who demonstrated an extraordinary commitment in making an event of this magnitude possible. It is thanks to their support that Casabona is officially recognized as a CardioProtect Municipality, an achievement that reflects the constant commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens. As a sign of recognition, SIMEUP Crotone donated a plaque that fully reflects the commitment made. 

The “Casabona Cardioprotetta” project, created thanks to the partnership with SIMEUP Crotone, the presence of defibrillators, trained and certified healthcare and lay personnel, represents an important step forward in the protection of public health and the promotion of safety in the community. 

Casabona therefore stands as a virtuous example in the province of Crotone, demonstrating how collective commitment and collaboration between institutions and organizations can make a difference in safeguarding human lives. The project is not only an ambitious training initiative, but also a tangible sign of the importance of being ready to face any emergency, with the ultimate aim of preserving the life and well-being of the community.