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Crotone, 12 April 2024 – A revolutionary event came to life in the splendid city of Crotone: the First National Day on Shaken Baby Syndrom took place. Conceived and designed by Terre Des Hommes, the SIMEUP Crotone group could only join and organize this heartfelt event which was achieved thanks to the conspicuous collaboration with SPER and APE of Crotone, which offered an unprecedented opportunity for mothers and dads to inform themselves, learn and share experiences related to this important condition. Shaken Baby Syndrome is an increasingly relevant problem in modern society, yet often overlooked or little known which can cause irreversible damage. Knowing and knowing how to manage stressful situations is fundamental and thanks to the commitment of the SIMEUP Crotone group, this day shed light on this condition, providing families with the necessary tools to deal with it. 

The audience, made up of a large audience of mothers and fathers, showed a lively interest in the topics covered during the event. Numerous associations, including Prociv, Agorà, Kroton Community, Noi Mamma e Bambè, and Insieme a Colori Cutro, actively participated, highlighting the importance of community support in managing these challenges to which parents are exposed. 

Industry experts, including Dr. Anna Maria Sulla, Dr. Giovanni Capocasale and Dr. Rita Dolceamore, shared valuable knowledge and practical advice on how to recognize stressful situations and avoid shaking the baby to calm him down . Alongside them, the group of national SIMEUP instructors, composed of Daniele Ermanno, Roberto D’Aguì, Gaetano Nicoletta and Ilenia Dell’Amico, offered high-level support and training, enriching the participants’ experience.

The event proved to be not only educational, but also exciting and inspiring. The personal testimonies, the sharing of coping strategies and the atmosphere of solidarity made this day an unforgettable moment for everyone present. 

In conclusion, the First National Day on Shaken Baby Syndrome in Crotone marked an important step forward in the awareness and management of this condition which unfortunately appears to be encouraged by the hectic pace of life of today’s parents. 

Thanks to the commitment of its organizers and the active participation of the community, this event will remain a beacon of hope and support for all families.